High Audio Value Using The Blue Microphones Snowball USB Microphone Bundle

By Rich Rowland

The Blue Microphones Snowball USB Microphone Bundle offers great balance between aesthetics and functions, perfect for aspiring musicians and podcasters. Its USB input makes sure that you are up and running in no time - thanks to its plug and play function. And with different bundles that may come together with the microphone, you are sure to get one that fits your needs.

Blue microphones are known for their superior quality and unique designs. The Snowball model is one of the widely used condenser microphones with a USB interface. Featuring a retro style, spherical microphone within a white plastic case, it is definitely a nice addition to your desktop or laptop.

Depending on where you buy, there are a lot of bundles which can come with the Blue Snowball. Podcasting bundles are usually with tripods and wind screens, making it easy for pod casters to record right out of the box in total ease without compromising the quality of clicks and pops. Tripods also make it versatile, allowing you to mount it and adjust its position to record in comfort and in high fidelity.

For the musicians and the songwriters, using the Blue Microphones Snowball USB Microphone Bundle can also be great. The cute sphere design on top of the tripod allows you to turn it around easily, let it focus on one source or place it anywhere. You may choose from three recording modes available, depending on your preferences and usage: omni-directional, cardioid 10dB cut and cardioid.

The omni-directional setting picks up sounds from all directions, allowing your Blue Snowball to capture the audio all around it. This is helpful for those who need to acquire that particular need, like a live band. It can also simulate a surround sound feel, allowing sounds to be captured from all possible directions and with the feeling of 'being there.'

For all recordings of voices, the cardioid mode is the best one. Your voice overs, song vocals and even your pod casts are sure to be on their highest fidelity possible with this mode as it only picks up audio signals from the front. You can easily focus the sound from one source so it doesn't sound surrounded. Blue's promise of giving you brilliant quality would always be there when you sing or speak.

If you need to record loud instruments or loud vocals in cardioid mode, there is also the cardioid mode with a 10dB cut. This lessens the recording volume to allow high-fidelity recordings of loud sources without distorting the sound. With this cut, you can easily record drums and instruments without the worries of being too loud and being distorted.

Available in three colors, gloss black, textured white and brushed aluminum, the Blue Microphones Snowball USB Microphone Bundle allows you to choose whichever one suits your needs. While it is always loved by pod casters, it can also be a great addition to any computer as it is a USB microphone. Choosing accessories that you want to be bundled with it is also easy, and it can definitely help you with all your recording needs - all in one, retro-looking and high quality USB condenser microphone. - 32528

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Website Promotion -Prevent Costly Mistakes

By Osvaldo Malone

Here is another fantastic way to get your name "out-there" and get people visiting your website.


Podcasting is Audio (and/or Video) that you create on your computer (or via other means, and then load into your computer) that you then share and let others listen and/or view.

There are large numbers of Podcasting sites that allow you to upload your audio or video presentation, and then attach a description and information about the presentation. Once this is done, people who visit these podcast sites can "find" your podcast and hopefully if it is interesting enough to them, they will subscribe to your "feed" (similar to a mailing list, but for audio/video) and then be automatically notified whenever you release a new audio or video.

Now generally the "feed" is not controlled by you (unlike a regular mailing list) but rather is controlled by the podcast directory and a podcast "reader" which is software (often free) that you can use to automatically check whether new content is available for your selected "feeds" and to then get downloaded automatically.

You can then watch or listen to the downloaded presentation at your leisure, copy to your iPod, etc. It's really quite cool.

One of the biggest names in PodCasting is iTunes. You've probably heard of iTunes and wondered what it is. iTunes is software that is supplied by Apple (the Mac people) that you can download for free and it will manage all your podcast "feeds" as well as your music and video collection on your computer, and even allow you to buy music (and podcasts) via it's iTunes store.

Apple have versions of iTunes for both Windows and Mac and it is completely free to download.

Now iTunes is big business, ten of thousands of people download stuff from it every day, so this is probably the first site you want to try and get your podcast listed on.

Many people claim to be experts in the area of website promotion. We suggest you do some careful research yourself first before jumping in.

But I'm getting ahead of myself, first things first, lets discuss what you could be putting into the audio / video.

If your like me, and have a great face for radio, don't despair. You don't necessarily need to produce video content, audio is perfectly acceptable for many subscribers, as it's something you can do (listen to) anywhere (although with video iPods available these days this is also true for Video).

First and foremost you presentation should be adding value to your listeners/viewers. A hard sell sales presentation won't be worth much to listeners/viewers (at least probably not to those who's first experience of you is via the audio/video), rather it should be quality relevant content that will appeal to listeners with an interest in your niche market.

Bear in mind that it's highly likely that when you upload a presentation for inclusion in iTunes, it will be reviewed manually by a human, and if it's just a hyped up call to action to buy something chances are they may not approve it for inclusion. And even if they did approve it, listeners are going to be turned off when they hear it especially if you have not previously built up a relationship with them.

I suggest an interview is a great idea for a podcast. Put together a set of questions and answers to common problems that you "solve" on your website, and have some one interview you. Save the audio file and then upload to iTunes!

Another idea (once you get a few podcasts completed) is an overview of your product or services, but again not a hard sell, but a detailed list of what you can do or case studies on how you have helped other customers previously.

Just remember it needs to be interesting to listen to, so make sure you target it to your customers needs and to be solving problems that your potential customers may be facing.

You may find iTunes wants a series of podcasts before adding you to their directory, so it would be sensible to do 2-3 podcasts if possible and then submit them for inclusion as a group.

If you plan to host your podcasts yourself, be very careful and consider if you have another bandwidth to do so, particularly if your feeds get picked up by lots of people.

Because of the nature of podcasts (audio or video) the files can end up being huge, so It's very important that you plan this out in advance as you may find once you get successful and have a reasonable number of people listening to your podcasts, that you will be putting your server in meltdown and be running out of quota. This could mean your ISP closes down your website!

Don't be victim to this, plan for getting bigger from day 1, and assume you are going to be successful and put the right steps in place so you have sufficient bandwidth when things take off.

Either put all your efforts into getting listed in iTunes or other large Podcast sites, or if your going to do it yourself, invest in a reasonable PodCast hosting company who specializes in Podcasts.

A decent alternative to iTunes for hosting your iTunes (especially if your have trouble getting iTunes to actually accept your podcasts is a company called Liberated Syndication. I suggest you check out their website, they are one of the best out there, and give outstanding value for money and in some cases it's free.

Remember all podcasters had to start somewhere, and some of the bigger ones actually have paid advertising now (where sponsors pay the podcaster for an advertisement to be placed in the podcast). This could end up to be a really nice little money earner for you as well as provide great value for your listeners. - 32528

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From Montana to Bombay: Marketing Solutions That Work

By Nelson Pellew

Though by no means a precise science, the best way to understand the needs of the modern consumers is to ask them what they are. This may seem rather straightforward, but many a business has been predicated on providing a product or service that, in the end, fails to do much more than waste a great deal of time and capital. To maximize the ever-crucial return-on-investment, it would be prudent for all parties involved to sample public opinion beforehand.

Long the court of last resort for global conglomerates, the focus group and the consumer panel have passed judgment on all manner of would-be products and prototypical services. Of course, while it is tremendously important to sample the group you wish to ultimately target, it is by no means a foolproof methodology. If it were, would we be subjected to jalapeno jelly or Gogurt?

The obvious failures aside, there is something to be said for online market research. It is worth mentioning that it is not only the would-be business that stands to lose, but the consumer is potentially robbed of an opportunity to have a product that meets their needs. The process of consumer reviews and feedback allow for a dialogue between the supplier and the consumer.

Why only sell in southwest Montana when you have a potential market in northeast Bombay? Most product review firms, or consultancies, can also target overseas markets. This, obviously, broadens the scope and potential appeal of goods and services. Knowing the extent of your appeal is crucial. The basic tenant of successful ventures is know as much as you can, for as little as you can pay.

Of course, modern online marketing strategies surpass merely having demographically correct participants fill out standardized bubble tests. Understanding your audience requires more than choosing on a scale of one to five, with five being the highest. Marketing firms worth their salt should have access to extensive databases and cutting-edge technology. They should be able to access global markets and provide extensive, actionable feedback. - 32528

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Web Design Ideas You Must Not Use

By Aaron Miller

When it comes to web design, there is such as a thing as too subtle and too exaggerated. Exaggerated web designs are those with too much graphics, too much images and too much flash animation flying around and about. When it comes to website design, choose something which visitors would appreciate and would be easy on their eyes.

There are some web designs that show great flash headers. However, these headers could be very distracting too particularly when your website is mainly an information provider. It splits your viewers' concentration and irritates the living daylights out of them. Many web designs at present have become this way - flash intensive, image laden and totally deflecting. These web designs go overboard, assaulting the viewers and driving them away from your website.

The most significant aspect in web design is not showcasing the programmer or web designers' skills. It is in rendering the visitors with what they need. However, there are a lot of websites that does not follow this. Take for example website A. Everytime you visit into website A, you hear loud, irritating background music. Note that website A does not sell music records or is it a radio station. Yet, music blasts from each page - loud, annoying and weird techno beats at that. Then there is website B, whose web design appears to be fit for the near sighted. Huge capital letters seem to shout. People don't want it when someone shouts at them. Plainly put, it just doesn't work. Pop-up windows are the problem of website C. Website C's web design is characterized by irritating pop ups. Because of these pop ups we overlook relevant information. We even miss the core message of the web page. These are just some. There may be more web designs that are irritating, at best. Web designers and webmasters should take note of these things.

As website functions as the online brochure of an organization or company, showcasing its information and work proceses, it is a must that its presentation would get the attention of visitors. Web designers must concentrate on this ultimate goal.

The good thing is, nowadays, there are a lot of web design companies that are aware of the good practices in web designing, they can offer solutions that would match to your needs. You just need to be very careful in picking out which one you will hire. - 32528

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Find A Few Ipod Accessories For Car

By Max Groom

So many people love their iPods. They are great for enjoying your favorite music. IPods are really popular and since they are, there are also many iPod accessories for car and other vehicles that you can now buy. So many are available online and if you know where to look you can actually find some great deals on them.

iPods are easy to take with you anywhere. The best place to take them is in the car. This makes listening to your favorite tunes while driving easy to do. You can literally listen to your iPod using your car radio using the right accessories.

Some of the most popular items are the battery charging adapter that you can plug into the power outlet in your car. This makes it much easier to listen to your iPod and help you not to run out of battery while you are driving. When you drive for long periods of time these adapters are a must have. This makes it much easier to listen to your favorite music for longer periods of time.

You can also buy holders to place your iPod in when driving. If you do not have a holder then your iPod will be moving around and sliding all over the place. Your iPod could even get damaged.

There are also docking kits available online. They hook onto the dashboard so that you can easily access your music and still concentrate on driving. You can change songs easily or you can change the volume much easier this way. If it is easier to get to then it will make it much safer to use.

You can also get special protectors for your iPod so that your iPod does not get broken or damaged. They come in many color and styles and can be customized any way you want them to be. They can easily be clipped onto your pocket or your purse. Some are even water resistant or water proof so that you don't get it damaged with water.

Since iPods are not cheap to buy, you don't want it to become ruined needlessly. It should be protected as best as it can be so you do not lose your iPod and lose all of your favorite music. If you go online you will notice that there are really hundreds of sites that have a lot of different accessories that you can choose from. It is really best to read some customer reviews and find a reputable site that has low prices on shipping and handling. - 32528

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Speak To All Vehicle Owners: Obtain An Ipod Car Connection

By Max Groom

An iPod is one of those items that almost everyone owns. The media player combines the music with a hard drive. The iPod is a completely portable and digital item. It is made by Apple Computers. It is popular for drivers to listen to music when driving. An iPod car connection is one way that a driver can listen to the music they love on their iPod while they are going down the road.

A connection between the car's sound system and the iPod is a car connection. As stated earlier, the driver can listen to the iPod's music library over the car's speakers. There are different types of car connections. Some have better sound quality than others. The different types of connections also come with different prices as well as different sound quality.

An iPod smart cable connection is an innovative way that connects the CD changer jack with the connection box. A signal is transmitted between the two and it is capable of playing the iPod's music library. Some of the models have their own LCD display that can be placed on the dash or put in the glove compartment.

The iPod smart cable connection is expensive. Prices range from one hundred to over two hundred. This does not require a professional installation and this type of connection produces excellent sound quality.

Another alternative is the antenna direct connection to a FM modulator. The cars radio antenna plugs into the back of a modulator and the modulator plugs into the back of the radio and this is where it directly cuts into the signal. The sound quality is better and professional installation is a good option as this can be tricky. The cost is thirty to seventy five dollars.

A cassette adapter is an inexpensive way to make a car connection to the iPod. The tape is put into the cassette player in the vehicle. A wire is on the tape and the end is placed in the iPod jack. This system costs between ten and twenty dollars. This adapter will only work with vehicles that have cassette players. Many newer models do not have the players.

There are many types of iPod car connections. These connections can range in price from ten dollars to well over two hundred dollars. Many of these cheaper connections will result in poor sound quality. At least the vehicle driver can listen to the music they love on their iPod but through the vehicle's speakers. The top rated connection is the iPod smart cable connection. A vehicle owner who is interested in listening to their iPod in their vehicle should research the topic. Decide which type of option is best for the vehicle and proceed to get the best car connection they can. It is good to know that there are many options available to the vehicle owner. - 32528

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Receiving Complete Video Downloads At Inexpensive Prices Without Sacrificing Quality Entertainment

By Dominguez Gonzales

Did you know that you can get full movie downloads right from the Internet onto your computer? I'm absolutely thrilled about this because I'm not a big fan when it comes to movie theaters. I also hate the fact that you are interrupted by twenty commercials every five minutes watching movies on the TV.

When I heard that you could get free full movie downloads I was elated. I love watching DVD movies and I spend a lot of money buying them at the retail stores, so naturally the free movie downloads word grabbed my attention. But I am here to warn you so buyer beware, free is not better.

Remember if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. In this case, free movie sites are nothing but poor quality, snowy pictures and old classics, not new releases. Add to that the chances of your computer getting whacked by malicious viruses and Spyware, makes you ask the question, is it really worth it? I say why would you even risk it to save a buck?

Some of these so called free websites may be scam sites and can activate malicious viruses and spyware, and have been known to affect the performance of your computer and in some cases, totally wipe your system out. It is not worth it. Be wise and choose the sites that charge a membership fee.

Although you may pay a little bit they really are affordable and very reliable. Some are month-by-month memberships and others you may have for a lifetime. They offer unlimited downloads of your favorite DVD movies in HD audio and video quality. The download speeds are way faster than the free sites too. Also included is the DVD conversion software, and the technical support is great should you need some help.

The most important thing I want to stress here is that they are certified free from all viruses and Spyware. Also available for free movie downloads is known as the peer-to-peer networks or P2P, but I would not recommend this because of the viruses and Spyware that can be accessed. This technology allows virtually millions of people to share files with each other and this allows the potentially deadly and malicious viruses to be sent to your computer's data that can be compromised.

Getting full movie downloads to your PSP is another way to enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows and games. It is especially convenient when you are traveling. Or download your movie from the computer and burn to a CD to watch it on your big screen.

So in conclusion, if you love to watch DVD movies like I do, you love watching them in the comforts of home in your favorite chair, and you love knowing that you can download an unlimited number at a fraction of the cost of retail, why not start downloading your unlimited favorite movies now. - 32528

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